The North versus South Conundrum …

Which African safari region is best when?

Broadly speaking, East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) is great all year round – even the rainy seasons of April and November hold interest for photographers, especially those who love clean air and dramatic cumulonimbus backdrops!

However, Southern Africa (Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia) has deeply contrasting seasons. During the Green Season (November to March) wildlife disperses into the vast expanse of the Kalahari and can difficult to find. The wildlife then concentrates again as water resources dwindle during the Dry Season (May to October) – so this generally the time we do safaris in Southern Africa.

Then coming further north to the ‘Horn of Africa’ we enter a region that (once again) has deeply contrasting dry and wet seasons. But they are opposite to those of Southern Africa. Because of this Ethiopia is great to visit during their Dry Season (October to April). Then when their Rainy Season returns (May to September) and the mountains get socked under cloud, we take our trips elsewhere.