The Galapagos Islands have enchanted me since I was a child at Pembroke House in the highlands of Kenya. A teacher there sailed a yacht around the islands one summer holiday and his stories of towering volcanoes that poured lava right into the sea, giant tortoises, beautiful bays filled with mangrove forests and stunning beaches where sea-lion lolled and birds would not fly away, fired an already overactive imagination. Today, a little older and hopefully a little wiser, my enthusiasm for the Galapagos is undiminished. And my fear of the damage a rapidly changing climate might wreak on the archipelago’s fragile ecosystems is somewhat tempered by the enthusiasm of the people of Galapagos for the protection of their island home. In their hands this incredibly important archipelago has a chance from the worse excesses of a rapidly burgeoning global problem and the threat of invasive species. Come and join us in the Galapagos aboard a gorgeous yacht on a magical journey of discovery around these Emerald Isles and we’ll show you a true marine paradise!